Division of Fishery Environment and Bio-remediation

The division mainly carries out researches on eco-environmetal changes and their ecological effects, environmental health management and remediation techniques, ecotoxicology, maricluture waters pollution ecology, and environment quality safety and assessment of marine fisheries. Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Fisheries Ecological Environment Monitoring Center(YSBSFEEMC), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and Center for Supervision & Test of Aquatic Germplasm and Fisheries Environment Quality(CSTAGFEQ), MOA (Qingdao) are affiliated to the lab.

Major Research Areas

Monitoring and Assessment of Marine Fishery Environment

Optimization and Bioremediation of Marine Fishery Environment

Pollution Ecology of Marine Fishery Environment

Mission of YSBSFEEMC

Ecological and environmental monitoring of marine fisheries waters, aquatic reserve and non-environmental pollution agriculture base

Environmental impact assessment in marine fisheries

Investigation, identification and economic loss assessment of marine fisheries pollution accident

Providing environmental quality status report for the department of fisheries administration

Mission of CSTAGFEQ

Quality supervision and inspection of aquatic germplasm and fisheries environment; Identification of aquatic products

Establishment, revision and verification of national standards, industry standards and others

Quality arbitration and entrustment inspection of aquatic germplasm and marine environment

Research & development of new detection techniques and methods