Aquatic Genetic Breeding

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As an important scientific research base, the Center for Marine Aquatic Genetic Breeding covers an area of 30 acres, and 50 acres of experimental water. The center has the necessary water, electricity, gas and heating systems, broodstock culture system, family culture system, phytoplankton culture system and comparison experiment system. There are also some advanced laboratories such as the Cell Biology Lab, Molecular Biology Lab, Biology Tagging Lab and the Selective Breeding Lab to meet the needs of aquatic breeding.

In our center, there are three main research fields, including multi-traits compound selective breeding by using BLUP ( Best Linear Unbiased Prediction, BLUP) strategy in aquaculture, bio-techniques development & application in aquatic animals, and genetic resource research & reservation, and two relevant organizations: marine genetic breeding center of Ministry of Agriculture and Qingdao seed multiplication farm of Chinese fleshy shrimp. Sixteen staff work in this lab, including three professors, four associated professors, three assistant professors, six managers. We have cultivated two new species “ Huang hai NO.1” and “ Huang hai No.2” which are approved by the National Certification Committee for Aquatic Varieties and demonstrated in coastal areas to promote the cultivation. Most notably is that, we developed the selective breeding technique and software “ Multi-traits compound selective breeding technique of organism” which is approved by the competent authority and breeding companies and we extended it to the other research fields at the same time.