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  During the past 70 years, YSFRI people take on audacious real-world problems, bring imaginative new approaches to addressing them, and work collaboratively to advance marine fisheries sciences.

  In order to promote sustainable utilization of marine living resources, YSFRI conducted broad and in-depth researches in a wide range of areas: fishery resource and environment investigation, fishing gears technology, mariculture and stock enhancement, seafood processing and quality control, etc.

  YSFRI completed more than 1,300 research projects at state, province and ministry level, made over 300 key scientific discoveries, and won a wide selection of prizes more than 200 times (43 national prizes and over 160 ministerial/provincial prizes), including the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (2 first prizes and 5 second prizes) and the National Invention Prize (3 second prizes).

  YSFRI obtained more than 400 patents, published over 100 monographs and over 5,000 papers in domestic and foreign journals.

 Seven results of the cultivation of new varieties of
 high iodine and high yield kelp
Won the 1978 National Science Conference Award







 The establishment and application of seawater

 flounderfish gene resourceexploration and 

germplasm creation technology"

2014 won the national technology invention 

award two