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The Center for Marine Fisheries Science Research is located at the south side of wheel piedmont village in Qingdao "Langyatai" provincial tourism resort, east side of Dengtai Road. The regionhas convenient transportation and fine water quality,which provides optimal conditionsfor carrying out marine fisheries research. The Center covers an area of about 100 acres of land, 70 acres of mariculture experimental area, and planning construction area of 48,000 square meters,with a total investment of 300 million yuan. The industrial constructions of the Center on land are as follows: Comprehensive Office Building; Science and Technology Training Center; Academic Exchange Center; Artificial Marine Aquarium and Marine Science and Technology Education Center; The Sea Food Research Center; Shrimp Center; The Research and Development Center of Fish; Sea Cucumbers Research and Development Center; Shellfish Research Center; Algae Research Center; Backup Library for Biological Germplasm Resources of Marine Fishery and etc. Mariculture experimental areacontains thoroughbred breeding area, thoroughbred breeding cages, thoroughbred pilot area and so on.More than 120 sets ofinstruments and equipments, worth over 10,000 RMB each, will be installed in the Center.

The goal of the research center is to build aninternational famous and domestic first-class science and technologyplatform, integrating scientific research, training, popular science exhibition, academic exchangeand etc. After the overall operation, about 120 scientific researchers and graduate students from different fieldswill be engaged in scientific research in the Center. The Center will undertakemajor scientific research projects,supported bynational, provincial and local departments,which are chaired or participated by our research institute. At the same time, as the research and development platform of aquatic seed, experimental research and selective breedingfor fish, shrimp, shellfish, algae and other mariculture varieties will be conducted in the Center,which can promote the rapid development of aquatic seed industry. With the aid of the platform, the pilot experimentand transformation of research achievements will createfavorablesocial and economic benefits.