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Academic Journal Progress in Fishery Sciences

Progress in Fishery Sciences, a bi-monthly core academic journal in fisheries field in China, is supervised by Ministry of Agriculture, sponsored by Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and China Society of Fisheries, and published by Science Press. Progress in Fishery Sciences started publication in 1980, as Marine Fisheries Research, and changed to the current name in 2009. Prof. TANG Qisheng, an academician of Chinese Engineering Academy and Vice President of China Association for Science and Technology, serves as the Editor-in-Chief. Progress in Fishery Sciences publishes research articles, reviews and communications on the results and progress in the field of fishery or fishery-related sciences and technology in various waters, covering a wide range of research topics including fishery biology, fishery oceanography, aquaculture, aquatic germplasm resources & genetic breeding, protection of aquatic wild animals, disease prevention & control of aquatic animals, fishery ecosystem environment protection, fisheries facilities & fishing techniques, fishing equipment manufacturing technology and comprehensive utilization & quality control of aquatic products etc.

Progress in Fishery Sciences is one of the core scientific journals in China and was awarded as National Excellent Agricultural Journal. It is the source journal of many databases such as: British Zoological Record (ZR), Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA), Chinese Science Citation Database (Expanded Edition) (CSCD), China Journals Full-text Database (CJFD), Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJ-CED), Chinese Academic Journals-CD Edition (CAJ-CD), Chinese Biological Abstracts (CBA), and Chinese Ocean Literature Database.

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The Network Management Center mainly undertakes network operation and maintenance, release of information on YSFRI website, and multimedia support; it also carries out information research and analysis projects. The Center is equipped with technologically sophisticated, powerful hardware such as Network Firewall, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Network Server, Network Switch and Fiber-optic Storage, and with 100M high speed broadband internet access. Strict internet access permission and control are implemented, in order to guarantee the safe and smooth network operation.


The YSFRI library owns a collection of more than 100 thousand books and periodical issues in Chinese and foreign languages, including 65,000 books, and over 1,000 kinds and 35,000 issues of scientific journals. Computer-assisted automatic management of book collection and cataloging, book reservation, and borrow & return was established in the library in 2000. Electronic reading service has also been provided in the library, with a rich selection of on-line database and resources free to read and download.

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