Flatfish Genetic Breeding

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The Center for Marine Flatfish Genetic Breeding was established in 2011, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture to invest five million yuan. The center was put into use in April 2011 and covers an area of 38 acres, with a total construction area of 12202.3 m2, including broodstock workshop, pedigree seed cultivate plants, seed nurseries workshop, seed propagation workshop, disease resistance testing workshop and comprehensive laboratory.

The main responsibility of the Center for Marine Flatfish Genetic Breeding:

1. Formulate and improve the interrelated management systems to ensure the effective operation of the center;

2. Responsible for the normal operation and maintenance of all types of experimental facilities, provide protection for fish breeding, seed breeding technology research and development and implementation of relevant research projects;

3. Construction and management the test platform for fish nutrition research, fish disease prevention and control;

4. Carry out marine flatfish breeding and industrialization demonstration;

5. Assume the achievements transformation, popular science education and technology services.