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Seventy Years of Fisheries Scientific Research – Anniversary Academic Forum Held in YSFRI

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Yellow Sea Fishery Research Institute (YSFRI), an academic forum on fisheries scientific research was held in YSFRI on Feb 18 and 19. More than 400 people, including Zhang Xianliang, administrator of the Fishery and Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture; Zhao Xingwu, president of China Fisheries Association (CFA); Xiao Fang, head of National Fishery Technology Extension Center (NFTEC) and secretary general of China Society of Fishery (CSF); Wang Shuxin, head of Shandong Ocean and Fishery Department; Li Naisheng, member of Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department and director of National Oceanographic Center, Qingdao; Cui Lifeng, president of the Chinese Academic Fishery Science (CAFS); Yu Chengpu, administrator of Qingdao Municipal Ocean and Fisheries Administration (QMOFA); Hu Xin, president of Qingdao Association of Science and Technology; as well as more than 100 representatives from China universities, institutions and enterprises, and researchers and graduate students from YSFRI, attended this forum.

Academician Tang Qisheng from YSFRI, Academician Wu Lixin from Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (QNLMST), Academician Gui Jianfang from Institute of Hydrobiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHCAS), Academician Mai Kangsen from Ocean University of China (OUC), delivered keynote speeches respectively, on "Sustainable development of aquaculture & The future of Chinese fishery”, “Transparent Ocean and deep blue fishery”, “Aquatic ecological farming and breeding mode development”, “Research progress on the utilization efficiency of feed protein in fish”, by systematically introducing the general situation and development trends in the field of marine fishery science and technology.

Prof. Sun Song from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS), Prof. Kong Jie from YSFRI, Prof. Song Linsheng from Dalian Ocean University (DOU), Prof. Xu Hao from Fishery Machinery & Instrument Research Institute (FMIRI), Prof. Wang Lumin from East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (ECSFRI), Prof. Li Laihao from South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (SCSFRI) made special reports on the frontier and hot topics of fishery resources, aquatic breeding, aquatic disease prevention and control, aquaculture facilities and models, aquatic products processing and other areas respectively.

Five senior leaders, including Prof. Deng Jingyao, Prof. Wang Qingyin, Prof. Ge Xiangan, Prof. Li Xiaochuan, Prof. Ma Shaosai, made appreciations and affectionate reviews on the 70-year glorious history of YSFRI, and detailed the development and cultural heritage of relevant disciplines.

Ten young scientists from 10 laboratories of YSFRI reported on the latest research progress in relevant branches and fields of marine fisheries science and technology. Comments were made by distinguished experts on the report content. The experts had in-depth discussions and exchange on the relevant issues during the meeting.

Prof. Jin Xianshi, director general of YSFRI, extended his heartfelt gratitude to the representatives from respective institutions. He said that this academic forum was an important part of the theme activities on the 70th fishery scientific research anniversary of YSFRI. The participating academicians, experts and young scientists served a brilliant academic feast in the field of cutting-edge and hot issues on the marine fisheries science and technology, the participants also took this opportunity to fully understand the glorious history and culture heritage of YSFRI, as well as China's latest scientific research on marine fisheries science and technology. Throughout the 70-years of development and accumulation, YSFRI has had a profound history, excellent scientific culture, fruitful science and technology achievements, and outstanding talents. These altogether has made important contributions to China's marine fishery science and technology development, and has also laid an important foundation for the comprehensive and systematic development of modern Chinese marine fisheries sciences. It is expected that the majority of young researchers can inherit and carry forward its excellent historical and cultural traditions, and contribute their efforts for YSFRI.


YSFRI seventh-term director, fourth-term director, fifth-term director, sixth-term director (from left to right) /photo