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YSFRI’s Inactivated Vaccine Passed On-site Acceptance Test

Recently, the research achievement on the immune protection effect of Vibrio anguillarum divalent (O1 and O2 serotypes) inactivated vaccine for turbot has been approved on-site by experts in Yantai Development Zone Branch, Shandong Oriental Ocean Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The acceptance check experts are from East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) and Yantai University. This work was funded by the Shandong Provincial Independent Innovation and Achievement Transformation project "Important Alternative Products of Aquaculture Disease Prevention and Control", the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences’ Special Fund for Basic Scientific Research project "Key Technology and Product Development of Fish Vaccine Production" etc. for which YSFRI has been project leaders,

The experts listened to the work report given by the project PI, professor Mo Zhaolan, and then consulted the work jogging, observed the breeding field of immunized turbots and confirmed the animals’ good growth and health. In May 2016, this research team injected inactivated vaccine (O1 and O2 serotype) to groups of 3000 turbot respectively as per different doses so as to immunize them. The growth of immunized fishes were normal and there was no tissue adhesion in the injection site and none of them were infected by V. anguillarum in the cultivation process. Three days after the immunization, turbot was found to produce specific serum antibodies, and the immune protection period against V. anguillarum provided by the vaccine was more than 3 months.

V. anguillarum is an important pathogen of cultured marine fishes in China, which has caused great loss to our aquaculture industry. Therefore, the fish epidemic and immunology team of the YSFRI, based on years of epidemiological investigation, has developed an inactivated vaccine against the major serotypes of V. anguillarum, laying an important foundation for reducing the use of antibiotics and promoting healthy fish farming.

At the same time, an invention“V. anguillarum bivalent vaccine and its preparation and usage" obtained by professor Mo Zhaolan and other researchers in YSFRI was granted national invention patent (number: ZL2013101632606). This invention is based on many years’ epidemiological investigation. The researchers prepared and developed inactivated vaccine against pathogenic V. anguillarum that caused aquaculture animal vibriosis in China. After the two strains of V. anguillarum serotype O1 and O2 were activated, fermented and then inactivated by formaldehyde respectively, the suspension of bacteria was mixed at a proportion of 1:1 by the number of cells, and then the fishes could be immunized by immersion and injection. After 4 weeks of immunization with different concentrations of vaccine by immersion and injection, the immunoprotection rates of bastard halibut or turbot were above 60% and 70% respectively. The bivalent vaccine developed by the patented technology has the advantages of low cost, high quality, safety, ecological friendliness and high protection rate and the like. It also has wide application prospects and is of great significance for reducing the use of antibiotics and promoting healthy fish farming.