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YSFRI Researcher Completed China's 34th Antarctic Scientific Expedition

Associate Professor Wang Wei of the Division of Marine Products and Enzyme Engineering, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, participated in the 34th China national Antarctic scientific expedition during Feb 21 ~ Apr 21, 2018. Prof. Wang successfully completed the survey mission in the Amundsen Sea of the Antarctic.

The marine survey was a full-depth, multi-disciplinary comprehensive scientific survey including five sections (37 station surveys) and cruise surveys, covering more than 500,000 square kilometers of the Amundsen Sea and the surrounding subpolar westerlies. As a scientific expedition team member onboard the China's research icebreaker Xuelong, Wang Wei obtained rare marine samples in the Amundsen Sea including surface and deep seawaters, sediments and pelagic organisms. In the meanwhile, Wang Wei screened and isolated hundreds of strains of microorganisms from the marine samples. Acquisition of these precious polar marine samples and strains laid foundation for studying the mechanism of low-temperature adaptation in psychrophiles and the ecological function of Antarctic microorganisms. This work will also facilitate screening and identification of extremophiles, which may lead to discovery of novel enzymes and antitumor active molecules. Prof. Wang wishes that, the ecological study on subpolar biomes will further promote the sustainable development and utilization of polar product resources.